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St. John’s Lutheran Athletics has a long history of success preparing students in the classroom, athletic competition, and in a God pleasing path of life. The mission of our athletic program is to give God glory in everything we do and say, instill strong effort and positive attitude in each student, and teach the fundamentals necessary to prepare them for an opportunity to participate in high school sports.


The athletic department is in line to support the mission and goals of St. John’s Lutheran School: All students will grow in their relationship with Christ and develop the knowledge and skills to be confident, academically capable individuals who serve Christ, His Church, and His world.







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St. John's Lutheran Choir


Students in grade 6-8 have the opportunity to participate in choir, hand bells, tone chimes, or music appreciation.  The directors of each choirs are experienced musicians and educators allowing for a great experience and learning opportunity.  The choir and bells can be heard throughout the community at Christmas time in senior centers and nursing homes.


Robotics Club


Students in grades 4-8 at St. John's Lutheran have the oppurtunity to join the Robotics Club, a group of students that compete in the field of electronics and robots. They compete in state-wide competitions and have a fun time learning about the technological wrold of robots and programming. Contact Neil Bowman-Davis for more information. 

Vacation Bible School


Coming again in June!!!

Performing Arts


St. John’s Lutheran School has a proud tradition of producing high-quality musical theatre productions and offering a strong educational theatre experience for our students. St. John’s offers a first-rate children’s theatre program not found in most elementary schools. For nearly a decade, our students have enjoyed the benefits of being a part of a show and have blessed audiences with their God-given talents.



Youth Program

What is youth group?  What do you do at youth group?  Find those answers and more at the Youth Program’s website! 

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