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St. John’s Lutheran School was established by St. John’s Lutheran Church in the fall of 1938 with Mr. Henry F. Becker as the first teacher and an enrollment of 19 students.  It was first located in downtown Napa on 2nd Street.  Originally it was decided to try the school out for a year, and then decide whether to continue this ministry.  Mr. Becker was installed as the first principal in 1939 when it was decided to continue with the school ministry.  A new school was dedicated in 1946 on 1st and Monroe Street.  In 1949, Mr. Al Meiger was installed as the principal of St. John’s.  In 1952, Mr. Meiger accepted another call and Mr. Paul Hillman was installed as the new principal.  In 1957, a 12-acre site at our present location was purchased for development of new church and school facilities.  In 1958, Paul Hilllman passed away and Mr. Kenneth Bartelt was installed as St. John’s fourth principal.  In 1961, new school facilities with four classrooms, principal’s office, library, and health room were dedicated.  In 1966, Kenneth Bartelt accepted another call and Mr. Henry Aschbrenner was called to be principal at St. John’s Lutheran School.  In 1966, a Kindergarten was added, and in 1979 a Preschool was started under the direction of Jan Newton.  In 1979, school enrollment reached 189 and a Fellowship Hall and Education wing were dedicated, adding a gymnasium, kitchen, and 5 classrooms to the facilities.  In 1981, Henry Aschbrenner accepted a call, and Gary Rawlins was elected to be the new principal.  In 1988, Gary Rawlins accepted another call, and in 1989 Mr. David Haak was installed as the new principal.  In 1992, David Haak accepted a call, and in 1993, Herman Lawson was installed as the new principal.  In 2000, a new Preschool building was dedicated and the preschool was expanded.  In the fall of 2002, a new Play Field, track, and playground facilities were dedicated.  The following year (2003), the new Faith Chapel along with grounds improvements and utility upgrades were completed and dedicated.  Also in 2003, Mr. Joel Wahlers was installed as the ninth principal at St. John’s Lutheran School. 


Today, St. John’s Lutheran School has a staff of over 30 and an enrollment of 281 in Preschool through 8th grade.  We serve 210 families with quality education and the wonderful Gospel message of Jesus Christ on a daily basis!

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