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Lutheran Elementary School Tournament

The Lutheran Elementary School Tournament is a three-day event designed to have students from 25 Lutheran Schools participate and compete in a variety of sports, academic, artistic, and music events.  It is also a time for fellowship with other Lutheran students from five different states.  Please take the opportunity to enjoy this event with each other, but also take time to meet others from other schools.  

Please take the time to review the schedule of events and be aware of where you need to be.  It is important not to be late, and with travel in an unfamiliar city, it is important to give yourself plenty of time.  Kari Perna and Joel Wahlers will be in the Embassy Suites lobby on Wednesday evening to hand out any additional information, so be sure to check in with them when you arrive.  We also have an LEST website set up for our students and adults.  This contains all the information you will need.  We also plan to use the website as a mode of communication, so stay tuned tot he site during the weekend.  You can access it at

Pack lightly.  We will need to carry our luggage around quite a bit and in cars or vans that have limited space.  Be sure to take items with you each day that you may need all day, in case you are not able to get back to your hotel room.


Although it is fairly safe at the LEST locations, it is important to keep a close watch on our adults and students and remind them to avoid strangers and avoid walking in public alone.  Also, it is a good idea for students to have an ID (i.e. Student ID) with them while they are in Portland.


This is an official school trip, and students are expected to dress appropriately.  They are not required to wear their school uniform, though certain teams or groups may be required to wear specific clothes during their events.  Handbell or Tone Chime choir members need to wear a white polo and khaki pants.  Academic team members must wear a navy polo and khaki pants or skirt.  If students are in an individual music event, they are encouraged to dress up a little for their performance (no jeans or t-shirts).  Students and adults are also encouraged to wear school sweatshirts or school colors in order to show school spirit.  


Attached is a schedule of all the activities St. John’s students are participating in.  The master schedules for all of the activities are on the LEST website listed below as well as our LEST website.  We are not planning to have large group evening meetings or devotions, but we do ask that students daily check with their coaches or adult leaders on what the schedule and expectations are for each team or group.  Also please check the St. John’s LEST website frequently for messages and updates.


This is a special event for our students.  Please try and support all of our students by attending the various events.  Some of our students are in events that are not open to the public, but if they are, it is nice to have that support.  We have students in different events, but we are all one school.

Please remember the importance of sportsmanship and school spirit during the weekend.  Wear your St. John’s clothing and be proud of our school.  Please exhibit positive sportsmanship during this weekend by what we do and what we say.  Please refrain from using negative language toward referees or individuals from other schools.  Remember that you represent St. John’s Lutheran School, and as Christians, our Lord Jesus Christ.  There is a sportsmanship award (we won it a few years ago) given at this tournament, something that rewards Christ like behavior!  


We ask that all parents help to supervise and watch out for our students.  Students need to treat all adults with respect and follow their directions.  For those adults who have an assigned chaperone responsibility, please be aware of where your students are at all times.  For safety reasons, please refrain from smoking or use of alcohol when directly supervising or driving students during the weekend.  Also, please refrain from allowing students to watch PG and above rated movies when chaperoning other children besides your own.


As you can see by the attached schedule, a lot is going on, whether students are participating or watching events.  Free time is available, but at different times for different people.  Please be mindful of traafic, as we have heard it can be horrendous.


We are staying at the Home 2 Suites in DUpont, WA  They are offering a full breakfast buffet, Happy Hour, free parking, and free wifi for our group. 

Any students using the facilities at the hotel must be supervised.  When moving around the hotel, students need to be respectful of other guests.  Please avoid running or loud noise.  Students may not use hospitality suites or rooms without adult supervision.  Students need to be in their rooms after 10:00 p.m.  If there are any questions or issues related to the hotel, please contact Kari Perna.



            $30 – Adults ($25 in advance)

            Free – Under 18 years of age


            $10 – Adult Admission (children under 18 are free of charge)                                  

            $  5 – Tournament Booklets

            $10 – Tournament T-shirts


L.E.S.T. Tournament Website –

ST. JOHN’S LEST Website – We have a website designed to give information, schedules, and live updates.  You can access it at


If you take any good pictures at LEST, please send them to me.  We especially need pictures that are from a camera and not a cell phone.  We would like to add pictures during the tournament to our LEST website.

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