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H.I.T. Tournament
January 11-14, 2024


The Bob Hauch Invitational Tournament is named in honor of long time teacher, coach, athletic director, and friend Bob Hauch.  Bob Hauch came to St. John's Lutheran in 1981 and passed away after a long battle with cancer in 2010.  Mr. Hauch used athletics to teach more than just physical skills, but took the opportunity to help students grow in their character and learn to appreciate their God given gifts.  Mr. Hauch started the Napa Invitational Tournament in 1989.  Bob Hauch is remembered not just for his teaching or coaching skills, but for the way he used his gifts to point others toward their Lord and Savior.  


The HIT involves local middle schools in a tournament that strives to build fellowship and the joy of playing competitive basketball. 



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