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The purpose of Student Support Services at St. John’s is to help identify and meet the needs of individual students who are struggling with math, reading, English, writing, and study skills in the classroom.  Each child is assessed and, if needed, a 504 plan is made for that child based on testing done from the school district, private tutors, and at St. John’s.  Medical 504 plans are also created for children with medical issues.


Once a child is identified as needing help we choose one of three methods to accomplish this task: 1). Skills Remediation – where the child is pulled from the classroom and works one on one or in a group setting in the Resource Room.  2. Modified Curriculum – where the child is pulled from the classroom during a specific subject and has the work modified to their ability.  3. Modified Curriculum – where the child stays in the classroom and the class work is modified to their ability level.



The process of identifying a student for the Resource Program begins with a referral from the classroom teacher.  At that point a Student Study Team (SST) meeting is scheduled with the teacher, parents, and Resource Director to create a plan for the child.  Once the plan is created, formal or informal assessments will be done and a program will be created for the individual child.


Please note that parents need to meet with their child’s teacher to begin the process.  Please do not go to the Resource Director to refer your child.  You are always welcome to come in and ask questions or seek advice about your child, but only the classroom teacher can request for your child to receive services.

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