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St. John’s Lutheran School has adopted Core Knowledge as the foundation for our written curriculum in Preschool through 8th grade. 



St. John’s Lutheran School operates a Christ-centered Preschool to meet the needs of children beginning at age three.  The school operates on a half day and full day basis.




The Kindergarten is a reading, writing kindergarten with the emphasis on phonics, reading readiness, developmental thinking, mathematical relationships, religion, beginning science and social studies skills and concepts.  In general, we concentrate on the development of a meaningful academic program for future formal school success.


The child also develops skill in handling school peer relationships.  The establishing of positive attitudes toward school and developing personal responsibility require parent and teacher dedication and consistent communication.



GRADES 1 – 8:

The education of the child in both the elementary and intermediate grades is based on the need for a firm foundation of basic knowledge to develop the tools necessary to function successfully in the broadened scope of education.  Each classroom is essentially self-contained, with the classroom teacher responsible for instruction in most subject areas.  Some departmentalization is in place in specialty areas like music, Spanish, and physical education.  All subjects are presented using means which make education creative and meaningful.  All subjects throughout the day are approached from a distinctly Christian point of view. A full range of academic subjects is included.


RELIGION                                 LANGUAGE ARTS               FINE ARTS

Bible Stories                              Phonics                                Music

Bible History                              Reading                                       a.  Vocal

Christian Doctrine and Life     English                                         b.  Instrumental

Memorization                            Spelling                                Arts- 2 & 3 Dimensional



                                                           a.  Manuscript

                                                           b.  Cursive                


SCIENCE                               SOCIAL STUDIES                PHYSICAL EDUCATION

Life Science                            Geography                              Physical Development

Physical Science                    History                                     Physical Fitness

Earth Science                         Citizenship                              Organized Games

Outdoor Education (6)         Current Events                        Rhythmic activities

Science Fair/Exposition


MATH                                    COMPUTER                         HEALTH

Computational                     Keyboarding                       

Concepts                                Word Processing               SPANISH

Problem Solving                   Spreadsheets

Middle School Ability           Multimedia

Level Grouping                      Internet Research


Advanced Math Classes

Students gifted in mathematics have the opportunity to take advanced math classes.  Typically, this means that students entering 4th grade skip the 4th grade math class and join the 5th grade class for 5th grade math.  As 7th graders, these students would take the 8th grade Algebra class, and then as 8th grade students they would take Honors Algebra.  In order to be considered for advanced math classes, a student must meet the following criteria:  score exceptionally well in math on the standardized ITBS test, earn excellent math grades in 4th and 5th grade, and exhibit a strong work ethic.

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